Used Vehicle Inspections

Transamerica Auto Inspectors

Once you have located a vehicle that you are serious about buying, it’s always wise to have it inspected by someone other than the seller’s mechanic or dealer.

Transamerica Auto does provide this service to ensure you do not buy a potential lemon or problematic vehicle. Besides being a wise investment it will provide you with a slight edge as a buyer in the Used Auto Market.

Below are a few services we can provide for this purpose:

Recommended for a car less than 3 years old with less than 35,000 - 45,000 miles. All safety related systems and accessories are evaluated through test drive and visual inspection on lift. Additionally, engine, undercarriage, tires, steering, suspension and brakes are manually and visually inspected for condition. This package ranges from $45 - $75.

Recommended for a car 3 years or older with 45,000 - 70,000 miles. All above inspections plus a thorough inspection of steering and suspension involving removal of all wheels and brake drums. Perform test of A/C system. Inspect condition of all accessible fluids. Thorough manual and visual inspection of entire vehicle panels, frame, and paint for body work (accidents). Electronic test of starting & charging system. Package ranges from $75 - $110.

Services Continued..

If required we are technologically equipped to conduct a full evaluation of engine and transmission management systems via Diagnostic Computer. Also ABC or "Active Body Control", ASR "Acceleration Slip Regulation", ABS "Anti-Lock Braking System", ESP "Electronic Stability Program", SBC "Sensotronic Brake Controls", SRS "Supplemental Restraint Systems" and many other Onboard Computer Systems looking for stored trouble codes. We will also test engine compression & Fuel Pressure to establish mechanical integrity and performance.

All in all this service will provide you peace of mind and negotiating power when purchasing a used vehicle. We want to be your trusted advisors and knowledgeable friends when doing so!