Transmission Services

Transamerica Auto is the leader in the Tampa Bay area for the maintenance, service, and diagnosis of automatic and manual transmissions.

Our certified technicians are trained and equipped with the latest technology and repair practices to ensure your complete satisfaction. It is imperative they perform precisely on your vehicle so we confidently back their work with our written warranty policy! Transamerica Auto ensures your receive only the top tier service and value you deserve as a customer. Call us today for free advice and estimated service costs...

Our services for transmission service & repair include the following:

  • 4 Wheel Drive 
  • Automatic & Manual Transmissions
  • Performance & Reinforced Transmissions
  • Transmission Adjustments
  • Complete Transmission Rebuilds
  • Transmission Cooler/Flush/Reseal
  • Transmission Replacement



Many of our customers who have brought their vehicles into the shop assuming the worst are relieved to learn they do not need a costly transmission rebuild or replacement. After assessing and diagnosing it we informed them that a Transmission adjustment would be required instead. Our shop offers adjustments which include replacing faulty transmission sensors, repairing bad connections to the computer, or replacing a defective solenoid pack. So if you are experiencing faulty transmission symptoms before you think the worst please call us to discuss possible solutions and schedule a appointment. We are here to help and save you money/stress on senseless opinions and repair costs!



A transmission rebuild, also known as a complete transmission overhaul, involves the complete removal and disassembly of your transmission. Each Component/part of your transmission is thoroughly inspected for wear and damage. During the rebuilding of your transmission all gaskets and seals are exchanged and fitted for brand news ones. No short cuts or exceptions are made in quality or spec requirements, this is why we have such a great warranty on all our rebuilt transmissions. Each one of our rebuilders is proud and accountable for their finished products/transmissions!

Our team is ready to meet any challenge your car may have!




Replacing your Transmission is a faster and less costly alternative to most Transmission repair options. This is definitely an advantage but you still need to be informed of the limited warranty policy that a used or new transmission comes with. We only deal with a very few select few transmission suppliers who provide us with tested and long lasting transmissions, new or used. We back these transmissions with our own written warranty policy and also offer extended coverage. Call us today to learn more. Don't risk or trust just anyone with your vehicles transmission. Come to the experts and have it resolved correctly the first time!



If our shop inspects your vehicle and we find that the fluid in your automatic transmission is not being retained and there are otherwise no problems driving your vehicle, a transmission reseal service will be the likely recommendation. At Transamerica our reseal service will include the removal of your transmission to properly replace its external seals and selected components to completely eliminate the transmission leakage problem. It then has to pass our through our line of tests and a final inspection to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We are fully experienced in all transmission technologies and applications.




Another of our preventative/maintenance services we provide at Transamerica is flushing your vehicles Transmission oil and replacing it with new oil. Most manufacturers call for transmission fluid change at 30,000 mile intervals. The industry standard is two years or 24,000 miles whichever comes first. However it is also important to check what type of condition your Transmission oil is in before changing it. Let us determine what may be advisable with an inspection to see if it has suffered "Hard Part Damage". If it smells burnt or is dark in color it may be better to leave it as is and save for a replacement transmission down the line. Often times if the transmission oil is flushed and changed in this condition it may begin to malfunction almost immediately due to its poor history (condition), abnormal wear and excessive particle (deposits). Your vehicles previous owner may not have done regular upkeep so its important to assess its condition before making decisions. If you are the first owner make it a goal to make your car manufacturers recommended oil changes to prevent these kinds of complications! Your car and wallet will love you for it!



TransAmerica Auto Repair understands that sometimes the computers in many modern vehicles may become faulty and result in sending erroneous Transmission codes and signals. Our technicians only use the latest technology and equipment to scan your vehicles on board computer systems for any problems or trouble codes. With this procedure our technicians will also check your vehicle electrical components, solenoids, sensors, and its wiring to secure an accurate diagnosis! We like to keep our customers informed every step of the way in a friendly and professional manner!