Suspension & Alignment Repair

Automotive suspension systems wear out slowly by design. Having said that a lot of car owners don't tend to notice any drive-ability issues until it worsens into a serious and more costly one. To avoid complications with your vehicles suspension it is best to have routine inspections of the main components for wear and function.

By using our high tech alignment and suspension tools we can advise you on what you really need to invest in and what to avoid. When done correctly you will enjoy a safe and comfortable ride for you and your loved ones!

What to look out for in your vehicles suspension:

Poor Ride Quality: Your car feels rough on the roads and the speed bumps/driveways prove a hassle to drive over without bouncing. You hear or feel clunking, rattles, or squeaking when turning. Causes to this maybe faulty control arm/bushing, ball joint, sway bar/link, coil spring, shocks, strut/mount, or improper alignment which can also be unevenly wearing your tires. You may lose control or firm steering when turning. Can be caused due to a failing rack and pinion, bad steering column, tie rod or bad center link, etc.