Performance Car Repair


Our team at Transamerica Performace knows that every engine is a different animal. Every aspect will be evaluated and developed on an individual basis for your specific application, performance and goals.

We will custom build an engine that is  tailored and designed to meet your needs from bottom end stability and camshaft selections tailored to fit your choice of street or strip purposes. We can boast that all our performance related work is done by hand in house with a keen eye! This allows for careful monitoring and dynamic control over the more critical factors that affect performance and build quality.

We fully evaluate and develop the engine from top to bottom. By establishing a solid foundation it will be ready to withstand higher performance power increases. Primarily our techs want to ensure you are getting the maximum possible performance out of your engine. However they also want to guarantee that the finished product can readily tolerate the fluctuating power increases comfortably. Like a well oiled machine it has to perform and meet to our high standards each and every time. We want to see you smile when you press the gas and get the power and response time you expect!

Fabrication & Welding

Custom fabrication is also one service that sets us apart in Tampa Bay. If you require a modification or a performance component, (such a turbo or hydraulic line) to be created we can take care of you! From custom rotated turbo systems for Subaru STIs, to lightweight TIG welded aluminum exhaust systems, explain to us what you need or have thought up and we can design and manufacture it. We have at our disposal he highest quality welding equipment and licensed welders who execute proper techniques such as, argon back purging, gusseting and bracing to name a few.

Custom Exhaust Systems

Cat Back Aluminized Set-ups,Turbo Cat Back systems, Dual exhausts Stock & High Flow Catalytic converters, High Performance mufflers and Custom Headers, Emission Repairs and Service, Modified and Stock manifolds, H and X pipes, We also service exhaust leaks and rattle repair, Exhaust system gasket replacement and custom tips.

Every car enthusiast knows the great feeling you experience when receiving new car parts for your vehicle.

Performance or aesthetic they add a new and unique feel to your car! However, it is crucial they are properly installed/fitted to get the maximum out of them. Trust our savvy technicians to ensure your HID headlights, intakes, turbo kit, coil over suspension, supercharger, body kit, etc are properly installed and working right the first time! Since we pride ourselves in being a one stop shop for your automotive needs we offer custom paint, auto body and restoration services!

On our western side of the facility we offer full automotive paint, restoration and collision repair. Our father in law Orlando handles the aesthetic qualities and restoration element of any vehicle. Whether it be a classic like one of his 67 Mustangs or a newer Porsche GT3 he has the eye for detail and the craftsmanship these cars and owners demand! You can find more info on the auto body services page along with a gallery of our projects and work

You've invested the money on the parts and or vehicle so make sure you are getting what you paid for. Please call us for any advice or questions on what you may be planning to buy we will gladly recommend brands, packages, and tips. We may also be able to save you money if you order through our business for shipping and wholesale rates!
If you are looking to enhance or upgrade what your car can do on the streets look no further. At Transamerica we live for these projects and work to recreate any car into a better version. We want you to build a one and only for you to enjoy and fall in love with all over again. We will sit with you one on one and discuss what improvements you are looking to gain and help you with options, pricing, and real advice. Whatever your modification or performance dream is we want to make sure you are safe and will get the most out of it. Below are some services and areas we can confidently assist you in...