Machine and Fabrication

TransAmerica is also a High Performance Engine Shop. Whether you want to increase your engines horsepower or design a custom exhaust we are your team.

  • Performance Engine Building
  • Engine Prep ( Balancing )
  • Cylinder Head Porting, Polishing, & Flow Testing.
  • High Performance Parts/Manufacturing
  • Complete Engine Restorations including Valve Seating, Guiding, etc.
  • Block Boring & Honing (Align Honing)
  • Cylinder Sleeving, Connecting Rod Resizing & Small End Bushings
  • Crankshaft Balancing/Grinding & Polishing
  • Super Precision & Heavy Duty Lathe Work
  • Precision Milling, Threading & Parts Duplicating
  • Magnaflux Crack Checking
  • Flywheel Lighten, Balance, & Machine
  • Welding Specialists
  • Blue Print, Prototype Design, Tool Making.

Let us handle it all!

Our service is the best in the area and you can count on being satisfied with our work.

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