Classic Restoration

Transamerica is a close knit and very excellence driven team of individuals who always work to ensure our customers and their vehicles receive the Royal treatment they deserve. We are classic/ high performance car owners ourselves and we understand how important it is to care for and treat our prized assets. Having said that we promise to handle your vehicle with supreme care and consideration paying close attention to the details throughout its restoration.
Our process starts with a personal face to face meeting to gather all the vehicles information, specs and condition. We also want to hear what your plans or vision is for its restoration or modification. We then help you make decisions on design, color (paint), body work, mechanical approach, interior, etc. After going over and establishing a parallel project budget/estimate we narrow down a timeline and begin with the task at hand.

After that we begin with compiling a parts list for missing or worn components

Each vehicle is assigned its own unit number and dedicated area/shelves for easy access when said parts are needed.
The Tear Down: To a great extent, this is the defining time when we get a true picture of the time and therefore costs that will be involved in the complete restoration. We ensure to always discuss these aspects and developments with the owner. Each vehicle is extensively digitally photographed to assist in the reassembly phase and for the owners records. All necessary parts are then carefully torn apart for refinishing, sand-blasting, priming, and eventually painting. 
Metal Work/Machining: We then proceed to remove/treat all rusted areas and replace with new metal. Custom fabricated panels such as firewalls, floors, and custom dashes are installed at this stage. We do not take short cuts or oversee anything because that's not who we are or the work we represent.
Body Work: During the body work process all the old paint and any other products/materials are completely removed. Surface rust, dents and unsightly imperfections are professionally addressed leaving a superbly flat and clean surface. This is crucial to ensure a head turning paint job and finish!
Primer & Paint:  After the team is satisfied with the prep work we spray an epoxy primer over the bare metal and filler to create a impeccable surface. Once the primer is properly cured we guide coat and block sand the primer by hand. Only in this way can we thoroughly examine the surface for any imperfections that will affect the final paint stage.
During painting we spray a minimum of two coats of color and four coats of high end clear coat on most vehicles. Using our in-house mixing bank of PPG paint & coatings, which is the highest product line for solvent-borne basecoat-clear coat refinishing, we can mix factory or custom colors. Although our in house paint is PPG NEXA Auto Color we are very comfortable painting any manufacturers specs/ratios.
Wet Sanding & Buffing: After a full team inspection and approval your vehicles parts/panels are then color sanded and buffed to provide a deep and jewel like finish worthy of any automotive treasure.
Reassembly & Finishing:  Starting with your cars frame and suspension we proceed to assemble it carefully while checking for mechanical integrity to ensure smooth ride quality. The drive train and exhaust are then reassembled to redeliver the vehicles power and functionality. Frame off restorations or custom body projects are reunited with the cars frame. The wiring and electrical systems are reconnected and tested by our technicians. The doors, fenders, chrome elements, etc are carefully assembled onto the car. Patience and a keen eye is key in all these crucial steps of the work. Finally the interior and glass work comes together and last but not least a thorough detailing for delivery.
The Final Product: This is our favorite part when we reintroduce the owner with their prized possession. We want to ensure the customer carefully looks it over with all the time they need and take a long test drive to fall in love all over again. We will not accept anything  less but 100% satisfaction with the finished product. Along with the keys we make it a tradition to hand over a photo album of the steps taken in the vehicles restoration and full written warranty/receipt.